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Want a new look? Need to change our outdated frames? Browse through our many different lines of frames and hundreds of styles.

We bring you the latest fashions from Paris to New York to Japan with our independent eye-wear frame lines. Independent Eyewear brands are focused only on one thing — eyewear. When a company’s sole focus is on eyewear, you’ll find frames with detailed craftsmanship and innovative technology without a prominent logo splashed on the side. These pieces help you show off your individuality.

We truly try and carry something for everyone, since no two faces are alike. Stop by today and take a look at our huge selection of hand-picked frames, we are always getting new styles in.


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Austin Vision Care offers frames by these designers

Austin Vision Care offers the below lens additions

Lens Treatments


Anti-Reflective Coating

A non-glare treatment that allows more of the good light to enter the eye and reduce reflections. Reflections can come from fluorescent lights, digital devices, and night driving. Anti-reflective coating reduces eyestrain, fatigue, and cosmetically look better in pictures.


Premium Anti-Reflective

Most anti-reflective coatings used today are more than just a non-glare coating. They involve many different layers including scratch resistance, hydrophobic layer to resist smudges and repel water, blue light protection, and UV protection.



Adaptive lenses are clear inside and change to dark outside. Exposure to UV light changes the molecules in the lenses from clear to dark. This makes the tint variable depending on light conditions. Options include darker than the standard tint, changing from clear to polarized, or a special tint to enhance driving.

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Lens Materials


Standard Plastic

A basic lens that is lighter in weight than glass but prone to chipping.


Thin, lightweight, and impact resistant. Good choice for most prescriptions and children.


Newer material that still offers impact resistance while being lighter in weight than polycarbonate with sharper optics. Great choice for most prescriptions and children.



Thinnest and lightest lens available. Best for high prescriptions.

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